Cherny Legion Ferrari


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    Cherny Legion Ferrari

born 18.02.2007

Champion Eurasia-2010 (Moscow, Russia)
Champion Russian Rottweiler Club
Grand Champion Russia
Champion Russia
2 х Champion RKF
Junior Champion Russia
Best Puppy Shows in Russia 2007
Best Junior Shows in Russia 2007, 2008
Best of Breed Shows in Russia 2008, 2009, 2010
Winner Rottweiler Club Shows in Russia 2010
The Candidate of International Champion 2010
Winner Club Rottweiler
HD-Frei, ED-Frei, Kkl-1
The general course of training - I
Protective course of training- I

Bite norm, teeth - the complete set. Pedigree, strong, bony a bough with excellent skeleton. A head pedigree, correct lines and proportions, with good volume in a cranial part with good transition and the good, filled muzzle. Ears of average size and excellent поставом. Eyes 1-Б. Excellent pigmentation of the mucous. The case of a correct format, is well balanced. Strong enough top. A thorax of excellent volume and depth. Forward extremities correct постава. Back extremities with very good corners, correct Stand. Movements lungs, free, Wool and Color norm. Perfectly bears a tail.(E.Holevina)